In the Bubble Challenge: A Crazy New Toy is Born!

We just went to NYC and blew some minds at the International Toy Fair!!  As you can see here, the adults loved being inside giant bubbles as much as the kids!!  If you are a buyer or manufacturer, and you want to learn more about this thrilling new toy, email us at  Based on the incredible reception we had in NY, we'll be hitting the shelves soon!!!

Tiny Toy Puts Brave Kids in Giant Bubbles

Just before Toy Fair, we invited the neighborhood to try out our prototype.  They got in!!!


Until now, you've settled for seeing bubbles from the outside.  Time for a new perspective!!


Climb into a gigantic, human-sized bubble made with a toy that fits in the palm of your hand!!


The bubble is fleeting, but the pic is forever!!


We're sourcing for production.  Watch this space for updates and locations where you can buy in!  If you want to pre-order and have updates sent to you, please sign in below!!  No obligation involved.  

Our First Press Release

This press release, complete with a vibrant pic of a kid in a bubble, tells our simple story!

Pre-order here!! We will contact this list first when we hit the shelves!! We'll also let you know about specials, sales, and events.